Birthplace: Lompoc, CA
Height:   ……….. Tall
Hair:  ……….. Brown
Eyes:  ……….. Hazel


Birthplace: San Diego, CA
Height:   ……. Medium
Hair:  ……….. Darkish
Eyes:  ……….. Brown


Birthplace: Onslow Cty, NC
Height:   …… Medium
Hair:  ………. Blackish
Eyes:  ……….. Brown


Birthplace: Madison, WI
Height:   ….. Medium
Hair:  …………… Yes
Eyes:  ……….. Hazel


Birthplace: San Diego, CA
Height:   ….. Less Tall
Hair:  ……… Lt Brown
Eyes:  ……….. Blue

Never has a band offered so much for so little. Here you have a veritable treasure of country music, a stellar group of artists playing music ranging from the traditional era to modern times.

In contrast to what you might hear on the radio, Brawley’s country music is more sincere and honest: it deals with cheating men and women and also with their finer qualities. There is also, as in much country music, an awareness that wrongdoing is wrong and don’t we all just want to have a good time? Original Brawley songs that illustrate these points are “I Fall In Love Too Fast,” “Everyday,” and “Promises.” Lest one think their music is sad or somber in mood, so-called “weepers” are counter-balanced by the happy country song, such as “Along For the Ride” and “One More.”

Brawley has a whole batch of hits you’re sure to enjoy, either via the internets or at one of their exciting live performances. Mixed in with those are plenty of country classics by honky-tonk heroes like Faron Young, Buck Owens, Merle Haggard and all the rest. Don’t get me wrong…while Brawley is reminiscent of the great country artists of our time, they take plenty of liberties to let their modern musical influences shine through. And those songs are not only for your listening pleasure; Brawley shows are a dancer’s delight! Whether you want to freestyle, two-step, waltz or jitterbug, they’ve got you covered.

Brawley has been featured on KPBS tv series “Live at The Belly Up” and has shared stages with modern heroes Lucinda Williams, Dave Alvin, Albert Lee, and many others. If you know anything about country music, you know about Brawley. And if you like country music, you like Brawley. It’s as simple as that.

David “DB” Berzansky is a “Musical Table” expert. He digs all that super 60’s twangy stuff, but is downright versatile with those 10 strings and can make a song weep, creep or wail with the wave of his hands, making all the girls swoon. Dave has become an expert protea cultivator, but still finds time to tweak metal into functional forms. You may have seen him: Hacienda Brothers, Freightshakers, surfing, truckin’.

Nena Anderson has the velvet voice that you could listen to all night, and many of you want to. Onstage, she sings like a bird while swingin’ ‘round her big sparkly necklace, otherwise known as her Gretsch Phoenix. She hosts Brawley Barroom Ball, fronts her solo outfit, and often sings with any number of local talents. You may have seen her: For The Sender, Cash’d Out, cooking, eating, hanging out with her chickens.

Adrian Demain is the man with all the country, jazz, blues and rock licks in his pocket. He twangs. He flips. He grinds. He glides. Backside airs? No problem. Some of you may be asking, “Is that THE Adrian Demain?” Yes. Yes it is. You may not recognize him, swathed in fringe and polyester, commanding the stage with smooth vocals and country pickin’ … but yes. Yes it is. You may have seen him: Forbidden Pigs, Lee Rocker, playing uke, hawkin’ guitars or fixin’ cars.

Dale Daniel can’t be kept quiet. The loudest, most rambunctious of the band, he’s always quick with a witty wise-crack. You might hear someone yell, “Turn down that racket!” but Dale, well, he just doesn’t listen. With a sly smile, he keeps everyone moving, band and dancers alike. You may have seen him: Freightshakers, Hacienda Brothers, baseball games, LACMA.

Jim “Ranchjack” Austin is the smartest of the group. That’s why he wears glasses. Whether you call it the Double Bass or Upright, or my favorite, the “Big Ukulele,” Jim wrestles that thing into submission while producing fluid percussive rhythms in perfect time with DD. Yeah…even though he is a Hi-Desert hooligan, he can still keep the BEAT! You may have seen him: Smith’s Ranch Boys, Pappy & Harriets: with a full dance card, jumping off cliffs in La Jolla.